Tile Mural

Ceramic tile mural walls are the perfect way to add some colour and personality to any school, kindy, daycare, creche, church etc. Why not personalise an area and have the artwork of children and/or staff displayed?

It’s a fantastic group activity to celebrate a significant anniversary of the school or group, environmental week, art week or part of a group’s way of giving back to their school, kindy, daycare, creche or church.

The tiles (once glazed and fired) can be displayed inside or out and the tile mural will be admired for years to come. A tired or dull space can be brightened quickly and easily!

  • We bring everything (tiles, paint, equipment etc) to your school or group (and will fit in with your class or day timetable).
  • We will stay and supervise. Once finished, we take everything back to our studio for glazing and firing.
  • For large groups, pricing can be as low as $15 per tile – a economical way to brighten and lift an area!

School Art Project

Are you wanting to have some special to commemorate a significant time at your school?  Or maybe create a wall of art that each student makes?  This activity is suitable for all abilities and most school budgets.

Contact us on (09) 447 1128 or info@painttheearth.co.nz for more information.

How it Works - The Process