Create a meaningful gift or memento by celebrating that special arrival, capturing a moment in time, or getting the whole family’s prints on one plate!

  • Come in to the studio with just you and your baby/toddler, or get a group together of friends together
  • Family groups are welcome
  • Perfect for Plunket, nanny groups and coffee groups!
  • Our paint is non toxic, baby safe, and washable – very safe for your skin!
  • A PTE team member will assist with the painting, so booking is advised (for one baby footprint, allow 30 minutes)
  • We recommend that for babies under 1, only footprints are done.  Handprints and/or footprints can be done for children over 1.
  • Hand and footprints can be applied to most of our ceramic pieces however we find they work best on mugs, plant pots, bowls, plates and hanging hearts.
  • Pricing depends on the ceramic piece you select, with our range of items suitable for baby prints starting from $30 each.  These prices include the selected piece, paint, equipment use, glazing, firing and wrapping
  • We can do any lettering and finishing touches for you.

How it Works - The Process